Do you ship outside of Canada? 

We can absolutely ship internationally. Check local laws prior to placing an order to ensure hemp products are legal to purchase in your area.

Where do you get your hemp/how is it derived?

All of our hemp products are made using hemp paste instead of hemp oil. 

Hemp oil that has been refined using solvents or high heat often has trace amounts of solvent residue or terpene damage or elimination. 

Many hemp oils on the market even contain trace amounts of carcinogens such as hexane or butane. 

Hemp paste, however, is made using a low heat extraction method and absolutely no solvents at all. It is the purest form of hemp you will find.

Is this legal?

Absolutely! Our hemp oils and hemp products are derived from the industrial hemp plant. 

The industrial hemp plant is rich in many vitamins and minerals.

Why is your hemp oil so much cheaper than most hemp oils on the market? 

Simply put, we feel that the current prices of hemp products available on the market are massively over priced. 

Most vendors care more about the money and less about the customers. 

We believe that this miraculous plant should be accessible to all and the only way to ensure this is to offer reasonable prices. 

Do you offer wholesale deals/discounts? 

Absolutely! We are always looking for businesses and individuals looking to purchase in large amounts for both personal use and re-sale! 

Do you offer tracked shipping?

Yes, we do. We charge $15 for tracked expedited shipping for anywhere in Canada. 

International tracked shipping is more expensive, please email for a quote!

Can anyone make a purchase?

Yes, provided you're over the age of 19.