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Our Team

How did Scholar's Choice Hemp Co. begin?

Jamie - Founder

Jamie is a 25 year old university student and aspiring medical practitioner. He has always been interested in the medicinal benefits of natural health products, especially hemp.

In early 2017, Jamie finally decided to get involved in the industry. Starting with a small store on eBay, Jamie sold hemp oil to a small customer base. 

Fast forward a couple months later, and Jamie started this website, eventually expanding his product line to include the products our customers love most.

Jamie's personal favourite product: 

"The hemp oil holds a special place in my heart - it's where SCHC started."

Bec - Social Media Consultant

Bec is a 23 year old Registered Nurse. With a passion for healing the sick, Bec always strives to deliver quality, client-centred care. A vegan, natural health care junkie at heart, Bec joined our team in 2018 with the determination to be a part of the alternative medicine industry. 

Although her main job is to manage our social media outlets, including the website, she loves helping Jamie test and create new products.

Bec's personal favourite product:

"I swear by the hemp salve. I burnt myself sooo bad this past summer and it was a lifesaver!"